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Offered by DEPCO in the US.

Founded in 2009, MakerBot was one of the first companies to make 3D printing accessible and affordable with our first 3D printer, the Cupcake CNC. In 2010, we became the first company to present a 3D printer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now, 3D printing is its own category there with a myriad of 3D printing companies in attendance each year. After being acquired by Stratasys in 2013, we introduced the first Wi-Fi connected desktop 3D printer in 2014.

Today, we are proud to both serve the largest install base of 3D printers worldwide and run the largest 3D design community in the world.

Makerbot offers Professional and Entry Level 3D Printers:

Method and Method X:
Print complex and durable ABS parts with a 100°C heated chamber for end-use assemblies and manufacturing tools.

Replicator Z18:
Massive build volume meets speed and reliability for professional innovators.

Replicator+ Educators Edition:
Hundreds of STEM lesson plans and ISTE-certified professional development included.

SKETCH Classroom:
The most reliable classroom 3D printing setup, giving your students the access they need and setting you up for classroom success.

Certifications for Accountability:

MakerBot offers end of program certifications which represent the achievement of completing high school CTE programs. 

Click here to learn more about MakerBot certifcations.