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Students Branch Out With STEM Job Shadowing

Microburst Learning gives students a virtual taste of otherwise inaccessible careers – and businesses benefit, too.
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Aldebaran Robotics Highlights Therapeutic Uses of the Nao Robot

Hear from Bruno Maisonnier of Aldebaran Robotics

Partner Testimonials

Take a look at what our partners are saying about us.
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Students and NAO visit West Virginia Delegates

A couple of West Virginia students escorted NAO to Legislative Sessions on the morning of January 17th. Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates were impressed with NAO and the students.
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DEPCO, LLC announces the purchase of Gears Educational Systems, LLC

DEPCO, LLC, Pittsburg, KS, announced today that they have acquired Gears Educational Systems, LLC, Hanover, MA, and will move them to their Pittsburg, KS facilities.
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DEPCO, LLC Announces Expansion of Development Efforts

DEPCO, LLC, proudly announced that Richard Grimsley, previously the Vice President of Programs with Project Lead The Way, Inc., had accepted a position at DEPCO, LLC as the new Vice President of Development.
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DEPCO Instructor saves choking student

Instructor Kelly Cesaretti of Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville, IL, teaches home safety in a DEPCO, LLC modular lab. This lab includes First Aide and Safety. Using her experience teaching home safety and the information from the DEPCO, LLC lab, she saved a student’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
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Texas school use DEPCO trailers for Wind Energy program

Amarillo, TX -- A local program will be used as a blueprint for expanding wind energy across the nation, bringing with it hopes of new jobs.
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Wyoming shop class gets an upgrade

CY Junior High School implements DEPCO, LLC curriculum.
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Sarasota High School FLATE Award Recipient

Jim Matthews, head of the Engineering Technology program at Florida Sarasota High School, is the 2009 FLATE Secondary Educator-of-the-Year recipient. Mr. Matthews incorporates DEPCO's Industrial Automation and Pre-Engineering curriculum in the Engineering Technology program.

The Center fundraiser 'a success'

Last weekend's fundraiser, sponsored by DEPCO, LLC, for the Family Resource Center was a success, according to The Center's executive director.
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DEPCO sponsors toy fundraiser for local childcare center

The Family Resource Center's fight for survival, that extra push is coming from all angles.
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Sarasota High's Engineering Tech students learn 'polyvalent' skills

SARASOTA - When students in Sarasota High School's new Engineering Technology program study principles of aerodynamics, they test them in a wind tunnel.
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Autry Tech open house promotes mechatronics program

Autry's mechatronics program soon will provide training with state-of-the-art simulators so students can gain hands-on experience in automated machining, electronics, hydraulics and other areas.
Autry’s mechatronics program will provide students with customized training with a wide variety of simulators. It also will provide a foundation for anyone planning a college degree in engineering.
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New York educators examine Riverton technology education

Riverton technology teacher Marty Falling and Megan Wells, a 17-year-old high-school senior, explained the technology program that starts in sixth grade and continues through to high-school graduation. The program is designed around technology pods supplied by Depco, of Pittsburg. The pods include those for drafting, vinyl-sign making, desktop publishing, computer animation, Web page design, digital photography and engineering.
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