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Offered by DEPCO Globally

In this Gateway To Technology (GTT) - Green Architecture curriculum, a team of 10 students uses building plans for a single-story shed with insulated walls, one window, and one door. The team of students is divided into smaller teams of two, each constructing a different part of the shed. Learning as they build, students follow the process of constructing a scale model of a storage shed, which includes framing the side walls, building a back wall and covering it with sheathing, framing and sheathing window walls, and completing the door wall. The students then put all of the walls together; set the roof trusses, soffits, and fascias; and sheath the roof. Students will also insulate the walls of the shed. 

During the construction portion of the project, students will find plenty of highly useful construction information – such as the kinds, sizes, and grades of lumber available – as well as fascinating histories and facts about significant building structures. As students insulate the shed, they will learn about heat loss for the winter and summer seasons in their area as well as the concepts of thermal conduction and convection.

DEPCO Insulated Building Construction Kit for PLTW Green Architecture product ordering options:

550120 - Insulated Building Construction Project*
- Build Guide and CD with Activities
- Insulated Building Construction Kit (2)
- Set of Building Templates (2)
550100 - Additional Insulated Building Construction Kit
550101 - Additional Insulated Building Construction Student Activity Guide and CD
960001-02 - Additional Building Templates
960100 - Replenish Kit (studs and dimensional lumber)
550116 - Roof & Walls Sheathing Replenish Kit
550104 - Insulation Replenish Kit

*Recommended two per 20 students