DVDs and DVD players have replaced videocassettes and VCRs of the past. They have revolutionized the way people view entertainment. DVD players are the biggest selling consumer delivery system and DVDs offer much more than a movie. DVDs deliver rich, multimedia content, interaction, motion menu, multiple audio and subtitle tracks, closed captioning, multi-angle view, and parental controls. In this curriculum, students have the opportunity to explore the high-tech complex area of DVD production. Students compile material and use a high-end graphical editing suite to create their own DVD. Students are also taught proper video shooting and editing techniques. By creating an interactive DVD, students are able to recognize and use terminology associated with DVD production.





Math/Measure Reading Science Social Studies Problem Solving

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO DVD Production Student Workbook, DEPCO DVD Production Installation CD, Capturing and Editing and Software, Digital Camcorder and Accessories, DVD Burner, Headphones (2), DVD Production Supply Kit for 24 Students

Part # and Description

MP6320 - DVD Production - Complete MP6322 - DVD Production - Less computer



Curriculum Specifications

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