The Industrial PLC curriculum will teach students all about the world of PLC. Students will learn why PLCs are used as well as the many functions that PLCs can perform. They will learn about ladder diagrams and ladder diagram functions, as well as how to create a ladder diagram and download it to the PLC trainer to test. By the end of the curriculum, students will create and test their own program.





DEPCO courseware is developed from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB). Close correlation with these standards will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the workplace.

Module Equipment Includes

Level 1 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training Manuals; Instructor’s Manual; Installation CD; DEPCO Industrial PLC Trainer with PC Interface including 16 Input Switches, 16 Output Lights (LED), Allen Bradley Micro 830 PLC, and Easy-to-Carry Case; Rockwell Automation Connected Components Workbench; Safety Glasses (2), and Headphones (2).

Computer is required and sold separately.

Part # and Description




Curriculum Specifications

Industrial Training Manuals 1 and 2, Instructor’s Manual, Installation CD