Residential Wiring


Students start this curriculum with a complete safety and hand tool orientation and then they become familiar with the Student Wiring Panel, our specialized residential wiring kit. They begin by installing and wiring the service entrance, ground rod, and service panel before installing and wiring a dizzying array of items such as: circuits, breakers, junction boxes, convenience outlets, ceiling lights, wall switches, additional junction boxes, a 220-volt outlet, doorbell, and a 3-way switch. Lastly, National Electrical Code (NEC) information, units of electricity, and accurate calculation of electric usage are some of the final components that help to produce this exciting DEPCO curriculum.





Math/Measure Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

Student Activity Guide, DEPCO Residential Wiring Workcenter, DEPCO Student Wiring Panel, Pre-Cut Wiring Kit, Instructor Wiring Supply Packet, Electrical Tool Kit, Residential Wiring Component Kit

Part # and Description

TM9700 - Residential Wiring

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Curriculum Specifications

The Residential Wiring curriculum consists of a well-illustrated student activity guide with 10 daily activities and 5 additional enrichment activities including careers, problem solving, challenge activities, vocabulary reinforcement, and Internet.