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Offered by DEPCO in the US

NAO is the most-used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. SoftBank Robotics has chosen to make NAO’s technology available to any education program. It is fully interactive, fun, and permanently evolving. NAO is a standard platform for teaching students of all levels.

NAO is complete with a user-friendly programming environment suited for all levels of programming knowledge. From simple visual programming to elaborate embedded modules, the versatility of NAO and the programming environment enables users to explore a wide variety of subjects.

Exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with NAO is a fascinating experience. NAO encourages students to discover, explore learning and problem solving, and work in team-oriented activities. Introduce your students to robotics, physics, mathematics, computer science, and much more. Students of all ages across the world enjoy learning with the NAO robot. Contact us for a demonstration to see if your students will like it, too!