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F120 EDU ONLY – Purchase an F120 and receive the following for $9,995:

F120 Printer, SCA Cleaning System, Material Package, 1 Box ABS or ASA Material, 1 Box of support material, and 1 Case of bases.

Offer expires March 31, 2021.


F370 Trade-up Offer:

Trade-in a SSYS Dimension or Fortus system towards an F370 and receive $30,000 off MSRP.

Offer expires March 31, 2021.


F370 Offer:

All current F123 Series Owners can purchase an F370 and receive a $25k (Direct) discount on a subsequent F370 purchase.

- Eligible to existing owners of either an F120, F170, F270, or F370 printer.

Offer expires March 31, 2021.


SuperLab Offer:

Receive up to 20% discount on hardware when purchasing two technologies at once 
Contact DEPCO for more information. 

Offer expires March 31, 2021.


F850 Trade-in Offer:

Trade-In the following Stratasys systems or qualified Mimaki/3DS for a J850 Series system for $175K off or for a Digital Anatomy Printer for $75k off! 

- Qualified Trade-in Systems:
  - Stratsys Eden/Connex
  - Qualified Mimaki or 3DS System:
    - Mimaki 3DUJ-553
    - 3D Systems: CP ProJet 460, 660, or 860.

Offer expires February 24, 2021.


Offers available through DEPCO Enterprises, LLC in Kansas and Missouri. PO must be received on or before the stated expriaton date to be eligible. No additional discounts allowed. Trade-in printers must be returned.