In the Clinical Laboratory Science, students perform classroom laboratory activities and apply knowledge and skills in a health care diagnostic setting. Collecting, labeling, and processing of artificial samples of body fluids and tissues for laboratory assessment are performed by the students. All activities guide students through safe and appropriate use of equipment and supplies, as outlined by the standards of the health care profession.





National Pathways Standards and Accountability Criteria

Module Equipment Includes

  • Clinical Laboratory Science courseware CD
  • Laboratory procedures textbook
  • Phlebotomy textbook
  • Genetics software
  • Viruses software
  • Microscope
  • Simulated blood typing kit and refills
  • Simulate urinalysis kit
  • Lab coats
  • Blood smear slide
  • Sickle cell slide
  • Microcentrifuge tubes
  • Tonsil slide
  • pH test strips
  • DNA replication and transcription construction set
  • Venipuncture trainer
  • Beakers
  • Miscellaneous materials and consumables
  • Instructor's Overview
  • DEPCO Studio

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Curriculum Specifications

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