From the simple measurement of laser beams to the advanced splitting and bending of lasers using optics, students discover the unique properties of laser light. In this curriculum, they begin to see the versatility of lasers by using laser equipment and tools, including lenses, beam splitter, and an optical lever. Students build a number of exciting laser products such as a laser range finder to measure distances, including their classroom, and a laser micrometer to calculate the thickness of different materials. Students create these and more, learning about everything from triangulation to engineering principles in the process.





Math/Measure Science Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

Laser Applications Student Workbook, DEPCO Laser Applications Installation CD, Lasing Medium, Target with Measuring Scale, Flashlight, Pattern Generator Base, Beaker, Laser and Optics Kit, Meter Stick, Helium-Neon Laser, Audio-Generated Light Show Kit, Bar Code Scanner, Magnetic Mirror on Stand, Laser Optics Table, Measuring Tool Set, Organizer Trays, Headphones (2)

Part # and Description

MP5000 Laser Applications - Less Computer



Curriculum Specifications

The student workbook contains concise hands-on procedures, illustrations, screen captures, and photographs which reinforce the multimedia content. Special attention is placed on interesting and relevant graphics to encourage visual learning. DEPCO Studio is an effective curriculum delivery system that uses the power of the computer to deliver educational content. By using interesting digital videos, full-color animations, professional quality narrations, challenging interactions, relevant photographs, and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), DEPCO has modernized the way subject matter is taught. Modules are 15 units consisting of: - 10 basic activity days with Pre-Test, Post-Test, and Activity Review Questions - 5 enrichment activities include: vocabulary reinforcement, problem-solving, open-ended challenges, careers, and Internet activities An instructor's section includes: lesson plan outlines, installation instructions, and answer keys