Watch and see students become curious, observant, and thorough as they dive into DEPCO’s Material Science curriculum. In this curriculum, students practice studying, testing, and analyzing different compositions and composites. By using a triple beam scale, microscope, and other measurement tools, students conduct hardness, compression, displacement, plasticity, and peak force tests on various types of sample materials. Numerous math and real-world technology applications are included in every activity.





Math/Measure Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Material Science Student Activity Guide, DEPCO Material Science Installation CD, Calculator, Scale, Microscope, Material/Stress Tester and Fixtures, Organizer Trays, Material Science Supply Kit for 24 Students

Part # and Description

TM8800 Material Science TLU - Complete TM8802 Material Science TLU - Less computer 880088 Material Science Supply Kit (24 students)



Curriculum Specifications

Format 2000. The Material Science curriculum consists of a well-illustrated student activity guide with 10 daily activities and 5 additional enrichment activities including careers, problem solving, challenge activities, vocabulary reinforcement, and Internet.