Students take a model racecar from design to manufacturing. They study the factors that affect the speed of a vehicle and then develop drawings using orthographic projection and exact measurements to minimize or capitalize on those factors. Next, they create a full-scale mock-up model of their car, then analyze and evaluate the model for aerodynamics. Lastly, the students apply all the information they have gathered by building, finishing, and racing their wooden racecars.





Math/Measure Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Research and Design Student Activity Guide, DEPCO AeroWedge, Wind Generator, Drill Fixture, DEPCO Styrofoam Cutter, Band Saw, Vice, Cordless Power Drill, Dust Buster, Electronic Scale (grams), Drawing Templates, Drawing Tool Set, Cutting Tools, Organizer Trays (2), CO2 Car Supply Kit for 24 Students

Part # and Description

830100 CO2 Car Supply Kit (24 students) 830400 CO2 Car Supply Kit (100 students) TM8310 Research and Design - Complete (Race track not included) ET20M CO2 Raceway (sold separately)



Curriculum Specifications

Format 2000. The Research and Design curriculum consists of a well-illustrated student activity guide with 10 daily activities and 5 additional enrichment activities including careers, problem solving, challenge activities, vocabulary reinforcement, and Internet.