In Residential Construction, students build a model size of the corner of a house using our exclusive construction kit complete with tools, materials, and procedures. First, the foundation, where students learn about the components of a sill plate, foundation header, and support beam, as they put them in place. Next, they build platform framing, which includes setting floor joints, measuring bridging, and adding sheathing. Then, students add exterior, interior walls, and roofing. Each major step involves reading a framing schedule and building plan as well as measuring, cutting, and attaching a variety of pieces.





Math/Measure Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Construction Student Activity Guide, DEPCO Construction Workcenter, Construction Tool Set, Bandsaw, Construction DVD Set, Nail Gun, Building Foundations (5), Residential Building Kits (5), Safety Glasses (2)

Part # and Description

TM9650 Residential Construction - Complete TM9652 Residential Construction - Less band saw 965100 Residential Construction Kit (each) 965021 Residential Construction Foundation (each) 965001 Residential Construction Curriculum (only) TM9660 Residential Truss Project



Curriculum Specifications

Format 2000. The Residential Construction curriculum consists of a well-illustrated student activity guide with 10 daily activities and 5 additional enrichment activities including careers, problem solving, challenge activities, vocabulary reinforcement, and Internet.