Using a digital camera, computer, and special software, students discover a variety of new looks. With Virtual Makeover, students get comfortable using the software to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup techniques on a preselected computer model. They choose the length of hair, find the best hairstyle for the model, and lighten or darken the hair. Then they use a variety of makeup application tools on the computer to apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, lip liner, lipstick, and even beauty marks to their model. They also get a complete overview of the digital camera and how it works.




Problem Solving

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Virtual Makeover Student Workbook, DEPCO Virtual Makeover Installation CD, Virtual Makeover Software, Virtual Makeover Style Pack, Photo Editing Software, Digital Camera, Tripod, Portable Photo Backdrop, Tape Measure, Calculator, Headphones (2), Virtual Makeover Supplies for 24 Students

Part # and Description

MP2110 Virtual Makeover - Complete; MP2112 Virtual Makeover - Less computer Call; Virtual Makeover - Upgrade MP2114; Virtual Makeover - Less computer and printer MP2116; Virtual Makeover - Less printer 211200 Inkjet Photo Paper only (100 sheets) 211250 Inkjet Photo Paper only (500 sheets) 130233 Inkjet HP5550 Photo Supply Kit (100 sheets and ink cartridges) 130234 Inkjet HP5550 Photo Supply Kit (500 sheets and ink cartridges)



Curriculum Specifications

The student workbook contains concise hands-on procedures, illustrations, screen captures, and photographs, which reinforce the multimedia content. Special attention is placed on interesting and relevant graphics to encourage visual learning. DEPCO Studio is an effective curriculum delivery system that uses the power of the computer to deliver educational content. By using interesting digital videos, full-color animations, professional quality narrations, challenging interactions, relevant photographs, and computer aided instruction (CAI), DEPCO has modernized the way subject matter is taught. Curriculum consists of 15 units: 10 basic activity days with Pre-Test, Post-Test, and Activity Review Questions, and 5 enrichment activities that include vocabulary reinforcement, problem-solving, open-ended challenges, careers, and Internet activities. An instructor's section includes: lesson plan outlines, installation instructions, and answer keys.